Twin Troller In Action

See how the Twin Troller X10 handles certain scenarios and environments.

Tight Quarters

Protected recessed motors allow you to fish areas you've never fished before and that other boats can't reach.


The Twin Troller's unmatched stability keeps you safe should you encounter waves from wind or wake.


Watch the Twin Troller handle choppy water conditions and how you can easily fish around docks in windy conditions.

Lily Pads

Fishing in lily pads is no match for the Twin Troller. Here are some strategic ways we like to fish these popular hideouts.


Unlike other boats, the Twin Troller gives you access to areas others can't. Fish in as little as 8" of water and maneuver over reeds easily.

Tall Grass

Tall grass is another environment that the Twin Troller can power through. Watch the how the boat performs in an area other boats can't.

Salt Water

Perfect for saltwater fishing, the boat allows you to fish while moving through protected grass and oyster beds.

Memorable Moments

Check out some of our favorite catches from the Twin Troller!