Twin Troller X10 FAQs
Check out what makes the Twin Troller X10 the best fishing boat on the market today. Get answers for frequently asked questions - from trolling speed to our unique Shadow Series colors.
5 Ways to Prepare for a Day of Fishing
There is nothing worse than ruining a day of fishing or a day out on the water because you’ve forgotten something important. We’ll cover five essentials you need to consider before heading out for a day of fishing.
Twin Troller X10 Boat Operation and Stability
See what makes the Twin Troller X10 the most stable compact fishing boat on the market today.
Easily Launch the Twin Troller X10 From Any Bank
No boat ramp? No problem for the Twin Troller X10.

Easily launch the boat from any bank with our custom-designed quick lift dolly. View the video below to learn more!
Best Bass Fishing Spots in the U.S.
 With so many places to go bass fishing in America, here are a few that we consider to some of the best bass fishing spots in the U.S.
Hands-Free Steering Fishing Boat
See how our hands-free steering helps you manuever the Twin Troller X10 with ease.Join us as we share how our foot-pedal controls allow you to steer the boat in the tightest of quarters with a true 0° turning radius. View...
Tour the Twin Troller X10, the ultimate small fishing boat on the market
Join us as we unpack the incredible features that set this boat apart from other small boats including a deep dive into what makes our dual recessed motors unique. View the video below to learn more!
Essential Features of a Small Pond Fishing Boat
Many of us caught our first fish from a seat in a small pond fishing boat. Recreational and professional anglers alike can recount memories of bluegill, bass, or catfish that lit the fire of a lifelong passion. An abundance of...
Comparing the Twin Troller X10 vs. Fishing Kayaks
Finding the best watercraft can lead to lengthy research between products, and quite frankly, we’d rather you be able to spend that time out on the water reelin’ in your biggest catch of the day. So, we’re comparing the Twin Troller X10 and a standard fishing kayak.
The Evolution of the Trolling Motor with One Simple Question
Ask any angler about their boat and the conversation will inevitably turn toward their trolling motor and its capabilities.  As one of the most used pieces of fishing equipment, it’s a standard on almost every modern fishing boat.  Anglers love...
Comparing the Twin Troller X10 to Jon Boats and Kayaks
  Traditionally, boats have been made with a general sense of how they will be used… not constructed with a specific purpose, other than to stay afloat, of course. Because of this, watercraft has been modified or adapted for uses...
Benefits of Electric Propulsion for Fishing
Electric motors for fishing boats came onto the scene in the early 1970s with bolt-on deck-mounted trolling motors. In many ways, they started a revolution in the way we fish. Now, electric propulsion has taken another giant leap forward. No longer an add-on, electric motors have been fully integrated into the hull design of a highly specialized small watercraft… enter the Twin Troller x10 by Freedom Electric Marine.
Twin Troller X10 Review - The Best Small Bass Boat
Twin Troller Pro Staff, the Slab Dynasty crew breaks down their new Twin Troller X10 and explains what makes it the BEST small fishing boat in the world.