Best Bass Fishing Spots in the U.S.

twin troller X10 fishing boat on lake water

There are countless bass fishing spots in the U.S. After all, one of the big reasons bass fishing is so popular is because of how accessible it truly is. With so many places to go bass fishing in America, here are a few that we consider to some of the best bass fishing spots in the U.S.

We’ve divided our list into the best fishing spots for the three most common bass species: largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass. These locations are exceptional, primarily due to the health of the bass population and the trophy size potential.

If you’re looking to venture out for some of the best bass fishing America has to offer, these spots are a no-brainer for your next fishing trip.

Largemouth Bass – Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee

When it comes to a robust population of trophy-quality largemouth bass, Chickamauga Lake is hard to beat. This massive impoundment lake in southeast Tennessee has become well-known as one of the best largemouth fisheries in the country.

Chickamauga Lake’s notoriety stems from the fact that it’s a huge body of water with lots of areas to explore, and catching numbers of quality-sized largemouth are common even for novice anglers. The lake even holds the largemouth bass state record which was caught in 2015 and weighed 15.20 pounds!

Spotted BassLake Lanier, Georgia

Spotted bass are not as commonly sought after by anglers, but their aggressive attitude and hard fighting make them a more than worthy target species.

If you want to go after some spotted bass, look no further than Lake Lanier, located northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Lake Lanier offers over 57 square miles of water to explore with an abundance of spotted bass - the predominant game fish in the lake.

Spotted bass on Lake Lanier are easy to target by looking for surface-feeding bass and throwing a simple Zoom Fluke baitfish; it’s not uncommon to bring in spots approaching 6 pounds. This leads to some exciting subsurface and topwater action that’ll get anyone’s heart racing.

Smallmouth BassLake St. Clair, Michigan

You simply can’t beat smallmouth bass fishing. Many anglers agree, they fight harder than any other bass species and are extremely ferocious and bite readily once you locate them. If you’re in search of the best smallmouth fishing available, look no further than Lake St. Clair.

Located in southeast Michigan just outside of Detroit, Lake St. Clair is essentially a massive backwater between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. The cool and clear water is the perfect habitat for smallmouth, so days of catching dozens of hearty fish are commonplace using simple techniques such as drop shot and tube jigs.

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