twin troller x10


Go where the fish are biting, in style, with all-day comfort and maximum accessibility

Steer With Your Feet

While You Fish

Hands-Free Operation

Fight the Fish,

Not Your Boat

Self-Leveling Stability

Explore Creeks &

Shallow Waters

8” Shallow Draft

Fish Wherever

You Want

Protected Recessed Motors

The Ultimate Small Fishing Boat

The Twin Troller X10 will transform your day out on the water. 

Its streamlined hull design featuring our patented in-hull propulsion allows it to glide quietly across the water, so you won’t disturb your soon-to-be catch of the day and due to its premium UV-resistant hull, this boat has a longer hull life and is environmentally friendly—double win.

The Twin Troller x10 is Unmatched

If you’re looking for a boat that can do it ALL, the Twin Troller X10 is for you.

Twin Troller X10

Canoe or Kayak

Plastic Fishing Boat

Aluminum Jon Boat

Transport Without Trailer

Fits in the bed of a standard

pickup truck

Fully Outfitted at Purchase

Just add the battery



Hands-Free Foot Control

Dual, independent foot control 




Zero Turn Radius

Independently controlled motors




Best in Class Stability & Safety

Virtually impossible to capsize 




Padded Premium Seats

Foldable, removable, & swivel features




Heavy Duty, Ergonomic 

Seat Frames

Custom designed seat height

for comfort




We've got you covered!

Curious how the Twin Troller x10 stacks up in cost comparison for Total Cost of Ownership?

Twin Troller x10

Electric Boat

17’ Entry Level Boat with

4 Stroke Outboard*

Initial Purchase Price



Cost of Operation 

$20/year on average

$2,000/year on average

Annual Maintenance Costs

$25/year on average

$300/year on average

Total Cost of Ownership

over 8 Years



*Comparisons incorporated different 40hp through 115hp motor manufacturer’s specifications. Gas mileage was based on half throttle use. Full throttle consumes nearly 70% more gas in some cases.

Our Unique Features Give You a One-of-a-Kind Fishing Experience

The Twin Troller X10 offers an unmatched fishing experience. The electric motor not only allows you more access to the growing number of electric only lakes, but it also provides a quieter ride so you can better enjoy your natural surroundings. Our in-hull, dual electric motor drive system allows for better boat control, giving you a faster response time to wind and waves as you navigate the water. Our goal is to make sure you're able to fish wherever, whenever you want--and the Twin Troller X10 does just that.

If you want to zero in on those hard-to-reach fish, we recommend upgrading your boat to the Twin Troller X10 Deluxe, which includes our Lowrance Fish Finder and an onboard 5-amp Marine Battery Charger.

We’re so confident you’ll love the Twin Troller x10, we even offer a limited 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you don’t have anything to lose by giving it a go.

Premium Features

  • Hands-free, foot pedal controls
  • Patented in-hull propulsion system
  • Best in class stability
  • Plush, premium, marine-grade 360° swivel seating
  • One piece, durable, UV resistant hull backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Custom-fit canvas boat cover

Additional Features

  • • Molded Battery Compartment & Battery Box
  • • Outboard Motor Mount
  • • Reel Pockets Secures Rod Storage
  • • Cup Holders
  • • Deep Side Storage Trays for Improved Tackle Storage
  • • Molded in Fish Measuring Tool-fit canvas boat cover

Full Specs

  • Hull Length: 10’
  • Beam: 4’
  • Electric Motors: Twin 45 lb Thrust Motors
  • Unloaded Boat Weight: 175 lb
  • Rod Tray Compartment: 7’8”x7”
  • Max. Person Capacity: 3 Persons
  • Weight Capacity: 480lbs
  • Recommended Battery (not included): Series 29 or 31 12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Experience an entirely new way to fish

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