Best in Class 


Shallow 8” Draft, 

In-hull Propulsion

The Twin Troller X10 makes a day of hunting easier and more productive. 

This duck hunting boat’s streamlined hull features our patented in-hull propulsion and 

hands-free operation which allows a working draft of 8” or less. Find that out-of-the-way location, set and collect your decoys, and even easily retrieve your downed ducks.

It’s the best-in-class small duck hunting boat.

In-hull Protected Motors, 

8” Draft

Stable Shooting 


Get to Places 

Others Can't

Set and Recover Decoys 

with Ease 


The Twin Troller X10 offers the best duck hunting experience of any other small boat on the market. Our in-hull, protected dual electric drive system allows for better boat control with wind and waves, and a shallow working draft. This, along with the hands-free operation, means you’ll be able to access and navigate shallow water more effectively than any other boat on the market. 

 Combine this with our optimized sitting position with premium seating you’ll be equipped for the ultimate duck hunting experience. The design of the Twin Troller X10 is to ensure you’re able to access and efficiently hunt those backwater areas wherever, and whenever you want. 

DUCK HUNT WITh confidence


“Love my Twin Troller because I can maneuver in some shallow waters like a kayak. My epropulsion electric motor gives me the power I need when I need it.


“This is the absolute easiest boat to handle on the water. It will go anywhere - backward, forwards, turn it around on itself. Your feet are controlling the boat, so your hands are free.”

The Twin Troller x10 is Unmatched

The Twin Troller X10 offers an unmatched duck hunting experience. The electric motor not only allows you more access to the growing number of electric only lakes, but it also provides a quieter ride so you can better enjoy your natural surroundings. Our in-hull, dual electric motor drive system allows for better boat control, giving you a faster response time to wind and waves as you navigate the water. Our goal is to make sure you're able to duck hunt wherever, whenever you want—and the Twin Troller X10 does just that.

We’re so confident you’ll love the Twin Troller x10 for duck hunting, we even offer a limited 60 day money back guarantee, so you don’t have anything to lose by giving it a go.

Premium Features

  • Hands-free, foot pedal controls
  • Patented in-hull propulsion system
  • Best in class stability
  • Plush, premium, marine-grade 360° swivel seating
  • One piece, durable, UV resistant hull backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Custom-fit canvas boat cover

Additional Features

  • • Molded Battery Compartment & Battery Box
  • • Outboard Motor Mount
  • • Reel Pockets Secures Rod Storage
  • • Cup Holders
  • • Deep Side Storage Trays for Improved Tackle Storage
  • • Molded in Fish Measuring Tool-fit canvas boat cover

Full Specs

  • Hull Length: 10’
  • Beam: 4’
  • Electric Motors: Twin 45 lb Thrust Motors
  • Unloaded Boat Weight: 175 lb
  • Rod Tray Compartment: 7’8”x7”
  • Max. Person Capacity: 3 Persons
  • Weight Capacity: 480lbs
  • Recommended Battery (not included): Series 29 or 31 12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Are you ready for the ultimate 

duck hunting experience?

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