The Story

We are committed to our promise of delivering an outdoor experience like no other.  

For decades, the design of small watercraft has been bound by the concept of limitations, and not by one of possibilities. These limitations are defined by size and the standard application of known technologies and the result has been a series of me-too boats that, though functional, provide only the basics for enjoying the outdoors.

The team at Freedom Electric Marine refused to accept this concept and set out to change it.  

Designed by a small team of dedicated recreational anglers, the Twin Troller X10 was conceived with the belief that small watercraft should explore the possibilities of your outdoor experience, not limit them. Our commitment was not to work within the limitations of accepted practice, but rather to work outside them. The result is our unique watercraft that allows you to expand the limits of your outdoor adventures.

The Freedom Electric Marine team is dedicated to the mission of providing a one-of-a-kind experience for outdoor enthusiasts. We invite you to explore our website, learn about our remarkable boat, the Twin Troller, and then join us to enjoy outdoor experiences that cannot be matched.

The Twin Troller is manufactured in Holland, MI and offers the commitment to quality you expect from a product made in the USA.

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