Customer Reviews


"The boat is the absolute easiest boat to handle on the water. It will go anywhere - backwards, forwards, turn it around on itself. Your feet are controlling the boat, your hands are free to fish, you can fish totally all day."

Jeff & Nancy

"It's quiet so it gives you an advantage going in somewhere to try to catch a fish. You can sneak up on them."

John Bowles

"The Twin Troller has just amplified the fishing experience. I used to be a kayak fisherman and still own one. When I came across a Twin Troller and first got it out on the water, it really blew my mind how stable the vessel was... It's phenomenal."

Mike Pehanich

"What I really like about the Twin Troller is the maneuverability and the ease of handling with the foot pedal controls, I can move sideways, forward, ease backwards, fish around docks. It enables you to fish areas you might not be able to fish otherwise."

Dave & Mary

"The best part about the Twin Troller is the hands-free operation. You can fish 100% of the time and control the boat no matter the conditions. You can also stand and be stable while fishing."


"The Twin Troller is the world's BEST small fishing boat."