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The Ultimate Fishing Boat

Fight the Fish, 

Not Your Boat

Self-Leveling Stability

Explore Creeks &

Shallow Waters

8” Shallow Draft

Fish Wherever

You Want

Protected Recessed Motors

Don’t let fish pass you by because you can’t reach them—the Twin Troller X10 is fit for the challenge. 

Most quality boats can maneuver open bodies of water, which the Twin Troller X10 does with ease, but it also pushes the boundaries of your fishing limits by navigating into bodies of water most boats can’t reach.

It’s time to cast your line

We’re confident you’ve never fished like this before.

Get an unmatched fishing experience this year with the Twin Troller X10.

Great customer service. Quality product. Great customer service. Quality product. Love my Twin Troller. It is the perfect fishing boat.

 - Mike S

 See the Twin Troller X10 in Action

The Specs

Go where the fish are biting, in style, with all-day comfort and maximum accessibility. 

The Twin Troller X10 has a streamlined hull design featuring our patented in-hull propulsion allows it to glide quietly across the water, so you won’t disturb your soon-to-be catch of the day. This boat even has a longer hull life and is environmentally friendly due to its premium UV-resistant hull—double win.

  • Zero Turn Radius

Independently controlled motors

  • Best in Class Stability & Safety

Virtually impossible to capsize

  • Transport without a Trailer

Fits in the bed of a standard pickup truck

Pick Your Boat 

twin troller x10

For the perfect fishing or duck hunting experience.

Patented in-hull propulsion system

Hands-free, foot pedal operation

One piece, durable, UV resistant hull

Plush, premium, marine-grade 360° swivel seats

Custom-fit canvas boat cover

Proudly made in the USA

Battery Compartment

Motor Mount

Drain Plug

Reel Pockets

Cup Holders

Equipment Storage Tray

Wiring Tray

Measuring Tool

Injection-Molded Battery Box

twin troller x10 deluxe

Everything an angler needs.

 Patented in-hull propulsion system

 Hands-free, foot pedal operation

 One piece, durable, UV resistant hull

✓ Plush, premium, marine-grade 360° swivel seats

✓ Custom-fit canvas boat cover

✓ Proudly made in the USA

✓ Battery Compartment

✓ Motor Mount

✓ Drain Plug

✓ Reel Pockets

✓ Cup Holders

✓ Equipment Storage Tray

✓ Wiring Tray

✓ Measuring Tool

✓ Injection-Molded Battery Box

✓ Lowrance electronics

✓ 2 Adjustable and mountable rod holders

✓ 4 Nylon open-base cleats

✓ Onboard 5-amp marine battery charger

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