Freedom Electric Marine will warranty to the original owner of the Twin Troller X10.

This warranty will apply for a period of five years on the hull and one year on the pedal and motor assemblies for product failure associated with manufacturing and workmanship.

For warranty parts older than 60 days (after receipt of item), parts must be sent in for inspection to determine warranty eligibility. Pictures and videos may be required to supplement inspection process.

This warranty does not apply to damages due to improper maintenance, improper storage, neglect, misuse, unapproved repairs, modifications, damage caused in transit, or minor color blemishes in the hull.  Slight color variations in the hull are part of the normal manufacturing process.

Freedom Electric Marine will honor its warranty by either repairing, or replacing the failed item. 

Freedom Electric Marine will make determination of eligibility after an investigation of the condition of the boat by an authorized Representative.

Freedom Electric Marine does not operate any service centers.  Boat repair and part replacement are easily done by the owner.  All parts include detailed instructions for replacement of part.  Please see our service page for details on maintenance and service.

Freedom Electric Marine assumes no responsibility for loss of use of boat, loss of time, inconvenience or other damage or otherwise including, but not limited to, expense of returning boat for service and expense of returning boat back to owner.

Freedom Electric Marine reserves the right to change or improve the design of any boat without assuming any obligation to modify any boat previously manufactured.