Twin Troller Referral Program

There is no doubt that once you bring home your Twin Troller X10, that others are going to see it, and want it.  

Our community of owners is our strongest sales force and we want to recognize that and reward you properly.  

To do that, we have put together an incentive based referral program that all Twin Troller owners can participate in.  

Here's how it works:

Each time you refer someone to us, and they purchase a boat, you will receive a commission payout.

The amount of money you receive increases with the number of referrals you have.

Tier 1 - Referrals 1-3:  $100 Per Referral

Tier 2 - Referrals 4-10:  $150 Per Referral

Tier 3 - Referrals 11+:  $200 Per Referral

To participate, all you have to do is sign up with our 3rd party partner here:

It's completely free and easy!

On that platform, you will be given a unique website link just for you.  

When people click on that link, and then go to our website to purchase a boat, we will know the referral came from you.

The system will automatically track this for you and pay you.

So how do you get the link to people?

You can post it to your social media

You can email it directly to people

You can text it to them

You can use a QR code on a card and hand it to them

Speaking of cards, we got some you can purchase.

Just put your unique code in the order notes and we'll send them out to you

Check them out here:

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