The Ultimate Fishing Boat



Made in the USA


It’s easy to transport, easy upkeep and it will literally go anywhere. It is the best fishing boat around.

— Richard H.

I've had my boat now for just over five months and I could not be happier with it! It is everything that I hoped it would be and so much more.

— James H.

The Twin Troller allows us to maneuver around the laydowns and into the coves, some of which are protected by a sand bar at a depth of only about two feet.

— Daryl V.

I love my twin troller because it’s hands free fishing. I caught the Biggest bass of my life this year and my Twin Troller helped make it happen.

— Craig I.

Pick Your Twin Troller X10

The Ultimate Boat for Fishermen and Duck Hunters

twin troller x10


For the perfect fishing or duck hunting experience.

Patented in-hull propulsion system

Hands-free, foot pedal operation

One piece, durable, UV resistant hull

Plush, premium, marine-grade 360° swivel seats

Custom-fit canvas boat cover

Proudly made in the USA

Battery Compartment

Motor Mount

Drain Plug

Reel Pockets

Cup Holders

Equipment Storage Tray

Wiring Tray

Measuring Tool

Injection-Molded Battery Box

twin troller x10 deluxe


Everything an angler needs.

 Patented in-hull propulsion system

 Hands-free, foot pedal operation

 One piece, durable, UV resistant hull

✓ Plush, premium, marine-grade 360° swivel seats

✓ Custom-fit canvas boat cover

✓ Proudly made in the USA

✓ Battery Compartment

✓ Motor Mount

✓ Drain Plug

✓ Reel Pockets

✓ Cup Holders

✓ Equipment Storage Tray

✓ Wiring Tray

✓ Measuring Tool

✓ Injection-Molded Battery Box

✓ Lowrance electronics

✓ 2 Adjustable and mountable rod holders

✓ 4 Nylon open-base cleats

✓ Onboard 5-amp marine battery charger

Unique Features


Keep your hand free and focus on the fish. Variable speed foot controls allow you to move forward, reverse, and turn on a dime. 


Once the hull chambers are purged of any air, the hull becomes suctioned to the water, making the boat incredibly safe even through wind and wake. Stand, step in, and out of the boat with ease.


Navigate tight areas of water other boats can't. Whether you're fishing small creeks, shallow spots, or grassy areas, the boat can operate in as little as 8 inches of water.


Recessed motors are protected by weed guards to keep them free from debris in the water. Tall grass, weeds, and lily pads are no match for the Twin Troller.