The eVenture Bundle


The electric boat meets the electric outboard motor for enhanced fishability and mobility.

✓ Twin Troller X10 or Deluxe

✓ Multi-Sport Trailer

✓ ePropulsion’s Spirit 1.0 Plus Motor

✓ FREE Custom-Fit Canvas Boat Cover



Virtually Silent

Long Lasting

Our electric boat and an electric outboard make the perfect pair. That’s why we partnered with ePropulsion to provide a clean, efficient outboard motor alternative. We’re proud to introduce The eVenture Bundle, featuring ePropulsion’s Spirit 1.0 Plus.

Twin troller X10 Deluxe
Eventure Bundle


Starting at $250/month with Klarna

Twin troller X10
Eventure Bundle


Starting at $230/month with Klarna


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The eVenture Bundle provides enhanced fishability and mobility. Equipped with ePropulsion's Spirit 1.0 Plus, Spirit Battery Plus, and Multi-Sport Trailer, the eVenture Bundle has all the winning ingredients in one place. Package includes a FREE custom-fit canvas boat cover (shipped separately). The Spirit 1.0 Plus features an integrated rechargeable lithium battery that gives you enough life to operate your Twin Troller all day long on a single charge. With a 1276Wh large battery, Spirit 1.0 Plus delivers 50% more runtime, with one charge you can go 22 miles at an economical throttle.

The Twin Troller X10 is designed for the ultimate fishing experience and all-day comfort with hands-free control and a shallow draft to access fishing spots other boats simply cannot. At 10’ by 48,” the X10 is powered by an in-hull propulsion system that makes for an incredibly stable ride and quiet operation. The recessed motors are protected by weed guards which means lily pads, tall grass, and shallow areas no longer uncharted territory. The Roto-molded hull is a seamless design composed of a patented polyethylene resin. This material is UV resistant and incredibly durable, meant for a lifetime of use. 360° swivel seats sit at a raised height to keep your knees and hips level for all day fishing comfort. The X10 is guaranteed to give you a memorable experience every time you put it in the water.

Key Bundle Features

• Exceptionally Designed for All-Day Fishing Adventures

• Patented in-hull propulsion system

• Hands-free, foot pedal controls

• Spirit 1.0 Plus Extra Short Shaft Outboard Motor

• Spirit Battery Plus

• Multi-Sport Trailer

• (2) Plush, Premium, Marine-Grade 360° Swivel Seats

• One Piece, Durable, UV Resistant Hull Backed by a 5-year Guarantee

• Custom-Fit Canvas Boat Cover*

• Proudly Made in the USA

Twin Troller X10 Features

• Patented In-Hull Propulsion System

• Hands-Free, Foot Pedal Controls

• Battery Compartment & Box

• Motor Mount

• Drain Plug

• Reel Pockets

• Cup Holders

• Equipment Storage Tray

• Measuring Tool

See the Twin Troller X10 or Twin Troller X10 Deluxe

Boat Specs

• Hull Length: 10’

• Beam: 4’

• Inside Length: 8’6”

• Width (Foot and Storage Area): 20”

• Width Between Hulls: 14”

• Motor Thrust: 90 lbs (combined), 45 lbs per motor

• Battery: Not included. The battery recommended is a 12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery (Series 29 or 31). *Note: Included onboard battery charger is not compatible with lithium batteries.

• Boat Weight: 175 lbs without ePropulsion outboard

• Rod Compartment: 7’8”x7”

• Max. Person Capacity: 3 Persons

• Weight Capacity: 480 lbs

• Approx. Length on Trailer: 11’6” with 15’ with boat, allow up to 17’ with motor mounted. *Length may vary depending on placement of boat on trailer and if an outboard motor is installed

• Approx. Width on Trailer: 4’6”

Spirit 1.0 Plus Specs

• Power: 1kW

• Input Voltage: 39V-60V

• Standard Battery: Spirit Battery Plus, 1276 Wh li-ion polymer

• Motor Weight: 23.4lbs *measured with short shaft version

• Battery Weight: 19.2lbs *measured with short shaft version

• Charging Time: Standard Charger: 8.5hrs, Fast Charger 3.5hrs

• External Battery: Yes, and e-series battery recommended

• Propeller: 11” x 5.8” 2-blade composite propeller

• Trim/Tilt Angle: 0°, 7°, 14°, 21° / 70°

• Shaft Length: Extra Short

• Motor: Brushless DC motor

• Direct Drive: Yes

• Maintenance-Free: Yes

Spirit 1.0 Plus Features


• Floating Battery - It floats so you don’t have to worry about losing it in the water

• Information Display - Displays real-time power, runtime remaining, and voltage

• Carry Bag - A carry bag set for both motor and battery. Great for transportation and provides protection during travel.

• Foldable Tiller - You just pull it out and press down. It’s really easy to pack and carry the motor.

Digital Operation

The Spirit 1.0 Plus motor is easy to operate and keeps you informed of operation status

• Digital Display - You have access to real-time power, runtime remaining, battery level, operating voltage, etc.

• Electric Start - Press one button and you’re ready to go. No more tiring pull cord start

• Magnetic Kill Switch - Stop the motor in an emergency and keep you safe

• Stepless Throttle Changing - The throttle hand feel is clear, smooth, and enjoyable

• Ambidextrous Operation - Turning throttle easily either from the left-hand or right-hand side

Extra-Short shaft: Transom height: 11.8”/15.7”

Total weight is only 20kg or 44lbs, including the battery

The battery only weighs 19lbs