Comparing the Twin Troller X10 vs. Fishing Kayaks

Twin Troller x10 vs. Fishing Kayak

As an avid angler, you want the best fishing watercraft to support your fishing goals. You need a boat that’s ready for your next fishing adventure; one that is stable to safely handle long days on the water, and allows you to explore unchartered waters.

Finding the best watercraft can lead to lengthy research between products, and quite frankly, we’d rather you be able to spend that time out on the water reelin’ in your biggest catch of the day. So, we’re comparing the Twin Troller X10 and a standard fishing kayak.

The Similarities

The Twin Troller X10 from Freedom Electric Marine and kayaks, adapted for very basic fishing use, share some traits in common that people are looking for.

Price Point

Both kayaks and the Twin Troller X10 are more affordable compared to the cost of a modern gas engine-powered fishing boat. Powerboats these days are bigger, faster, heavier, and require tons of fuel and a strong vehicle to pull them. Not to mention you might need a bank loan with monthly payments the size of a house mortgage, yikes.

Maintenance and Convenience

Easy maintenance, convenient storage, and portability are features shared by the Twin Troller X10 and fishing kayaks. They are also both environmentally friendly, shedding no toxic fumes or oily residue from a gas engine into your favorite waterways and offer a quiet, peaceful experience out on the water.

The Differences

The differences between the Twin Troller X10 and fishing kayaks become apparent when it comes to functionality, comfort, and safety in real-world fishing applications.


The Twin Troller X10 was designed from the ground up to match the needs of the angler with its hands-free operation and elevated sitting position that allows for improved casting angles. No compromises or adaptive use of a vessel from another sport is needed. Just pure intention, pure function, and perfectly designed for its intended use.

While a fishing kayak requires both hands on a paddle to move and maneuver (or significant upgrades in a trolling motor, battery, and controls or a pedal system), the Twin Troller X10 is truly hands-free. With a unique in-hull electric propulsion system and foot-pedal operation, your hands are always free for catching fish. This built-in, hands-free control propulsion system offers an incredible level of mobility, with a true 0° turning radius to pivot the boat in tight spaces or offer a quick change of direction to cast your line.

Fishing kayaks these days are often 12’ to 14’ in length and have hulls designed for straight-line tracking, not maneuvering. They don’t pivot well, and not without a significant amount of manual input. While some proponents of fishing kayaks often tout the health benefits of paddling for hours on end, is that really how you want to spend your fishing time?


Shear comfort is important for most people who want to spend a long relaxing day fishing. The elevated, cushioned seats make the Twin Troller X10 a pleasure for an all-day adventure. Kayaks, on the other hand, were not made for comfort. Its low sitting position results in discomfort in your lower back and hips, and the physical nature of making it move through the water isn’t for everyone.

Space and Storage

Back aches and sore muscles aside, another big differentiator between the Twin Troller X10 and fishing kayaks is the available space. Space on a kayak is at a premium, especially if you have to outfit it with motors, batteries, coolers, and fishing gear. The Twin Troller has ample space for everything you could want to bring along, including a friend or furry companion!


Safety may be the biggest factor in comparing a fishing kayak and the Twin Troller X10. The Twin Troller was purposefully designed to be an incredibly stable platform for standing, casting, and moving about as needed. The unfortunate truth about all kayaks is that there is always an inherent risk of capsizing, and at the very least, you are likely going to get wet sitting at the water level. We designed the ultimate fishing boat to have incredible, best-in-class stability, so safety isn’t a concern while you’re focused on your catch.

Should you get a fishing kayak or Twin Toller x10?

Although both have their own advantages, the Twin Troller X10 is the better option for serious anglers. It’s a boat that is purpose-built for the job of fishing in those special quiet waters and is an investment that will pay off in safety, comfort, and pure fun. That's precisely what the Twin Troller X10 was designed for. Explore more benefits of the Twin Troller X10 here.