Comparing the Twin Troller X10 to Jon Boats and Kayaks

Twin Troller X10


Traditionally, boats have been made with a general sense of how they will be used… not constructed with a specific purpose, other than to stay afloat, of course. Because of this, watercraft has been modified or adapted for uses that they were never intended for, making them only slightly more useful.

Jon boats, originally light, slim, and fairly nimble boats for backwaters and bayous, have been stretched and oversized to accept high-horsepower outboards to simulate their big-brother bass boats, and maybe pull a water skier. And kayaks, once made specifically for running rapids or cruising long distances along the ocean shoreline, now are capable of doubling as fishing boats. With very little design change, they were forced to carry heavy loads, rods, gear, and batteries, and also use electric trolling motors for propulsion—because they became too heavy to paddle!

Fishermen needed a boat designed just for them.

The Twin Troller X10 Deluxe from Freedom Electric Marine was designed from the ground up to be the perfect boat for a very specific use—the ultimate fishing experience.

Let’s take a look at how they all compare.


The cost of owning a fishing boat has soared in the last few decades. Part of that price increase, for something like a modern Jon boat, has to do with the size and weight, which now require a substantial outboard engine, fuel tanks, electronics, and an expensive galvanized trailer to haul it to the water’s edge.

Kayaks that are made sturdy enough to carry all the equipment necessary for fishing with it, are far more expensive than a simple model for pleasure paddling. In addition, you’ll need to purchase a top-of-the-line electric trolling motor, mounting and control system, and battery.

The Twin Troller X10 comes fully equipped for water, needing only a battery. The total upfront cost is about 1/10th the cost of a larger boat with a gas engine, and the annual maintenance and running expenses are a fraction of what other boat owners are spending.


Of primary importance to fishermen is access to quality fishing locations. Thousands of state-controlled lakes and waterways have been recently regulated to “electric boat only” use, due to the pollution, noise, and safety issues that follow gas engine watercraft.

In these limited-use lakes, a Jon boat could only be used with a deck-mounted trolling motor, and the weight of the boat would make its cruising speed suffer. A fully outfitted kayak could also serve the purpose, but the places that hold an abundance of fish in these lakes could be challenging to navigate with a long boat.

It’s the backwaters, side channels, and sloughs that often harbor the best fishing. This is where the Twin Troller shines. With a compact size, 8-inch shallow draft, and the ability to pivot on a dime with its 0-radius turning, it makes access to the best fishing lanes possible.

Ease of Use  

Originally, Jon boats used to be hauled in the back of a pickup truck. But let’s be honest, it’s been years since that was a regular sight. Jon boats have outgrown their original intent, making the boats larger than they used to be. Even more, you’ll be constantly adjusting your boat's position with one hand while trying to fish with the other, unless you invest more money upfront by installing a foot-pedal-controlled trolling motor.

For kayaks, it’s impossible to fish with both hands busy paddling, so operating an electric motor is your only option with a fishing-outfitted kayak. However, one advantage is it should slide into the back of a pickup truck, making it easier to transport than a Jon boat.

On the other hand, not only is the Twin Troller X10 easily hauled in the back of a pickup truck, but its twin electric motors, recessed within the hull design, and variable speed foot controls make propulsion a snap. Move forward, reverse, or spin with little more than a thought. Ease of use has never been better!

Casting, Comfort, Companionship

When it comes to fishing, the ability to position yourself for an accurate cast is important. You need a comfortable seat that sits at a proper height and pivots, and you’ll need room to safely stand and make a cast or land a fish. A kayak provides only one seating position—straight ahead and locked into a cramped position on the low deck.

The Twin Troller X10 not only gives you the most comfortable seating and deck space to work with, but it accommodates two, so you can bring your best fishing pal along with you!

It’s a Matter of Satisfaction

In the end, it’s about finding the right boat for the job. You want a boat that’s a good investment. A boat that will give you access to the best local fishing waters with comfort, reliability, and companionship. You want it to be fun! And that’s what the Twin Troller X10 was designed for more than anything else…to give you the ultimate fishing experience.

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