Benefits of Electric Propulsion for Fishing

electric fishing boat


Electric motors for fishing boats came onto the scene in the early 1970s with bolt-on deck-mounted trolling motors. In many ways, they started a revolution in the way we fish. Now, electric propulsion has taken another giant leap forward. No longer an add-on, electric motors have been fully integrated into the hull design of a highly specialized small watercraft… enter the Twin Troller x10 by Freedom Electric Marine.

Driving the advancements in technology, electric propulsions offer a host of benefits to anglers and the environment alike, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Maneuverability, Control, and Stealth
  • Light, Spacious, and Safe


In the last few decades, thousands of lakes and water systems, both public and private, have been restricted by law to electric-powered boats. And there are many sensible reasons for it.

Most of us want to be out on the water to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. We’re drawn to the water to fish, relax, and spend a few hours out in the fresh air. But the massive increase in recreational power boats, high-speed fishing and pleasure craft, and personal watercraft (like jet skis) has created an incredibly dangerous and less-than-peaceful environment in many public waterways.

The pollution from gas-powered boats, leaking fuel, oil, and fumes, has also done a significant amount of damage to the natural environment. Studies have shown that fuel and discharged chemicals have profound effects on water quality, clarity, algae growth, sediment, and even the acidity of waterways with heavy traffic.

The result is that states have been forced to preserve the habitat of fish and wildlife, and the safety of boaters, by restricting access to thousands of public waters to electric-powered boats only.

Many private lakes have done the same. Home and landowners acknowledge the damage of noise pollution and toxins--along with their property value--and are pushing to preserve their peaceful environments.

Small electric-powered watercraft like the Twin Troller x10 will allow everyone to enjoy these restricted waters in peace and maintain the pristine environment and healthy fisheries for the future.

Maneuverability, Control, and Stealth

For the avid fisherman, boat control is critical. Electric propulsion has proven itself to be the answer in maintaining the perfect position for casting to grass beds, submerged cover, or within range of shorelines and fish-holding points. With 90 lbs. of thrust on tap at your disposal, the Twin Troller makes holding in place against wind and waves a breeze.

In many lakes and rivers there are tight sloughs, creeks, and backwaters that would be impossible to fish with a powerboat. But a small, highly maneuverable, and easily controlled craft like the Twin Troller x10 can get your lure where no other lure has been before.

It’s in these backwaters that you’ll most appreciate the silence of electric power. Whisper-quiet navigation without the noise and vibration of an outboard to spook fish. Both for a stealthy approach, and for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the environment, electric propulsion can’t be beat.

Light, Spacious, and Safe

The Twin Troller x10 is easy to live with, and easy to operate. Its lightweight compact design allows it to be easily transported and fits nicely into the bed of a standard pickup truck.

With a patented in-hull electric propulsion system, the deck offers more space for fishermen and gear, and the fully adjustable premium seats can be moved to suit any angler or passenger. No need for heavy sloshing gas tanks on the boat floor with a tangle of hoses and wires.

It couldn’t be easier to drive, with completely hands-free foot pedal controls, and the concealed and guarded motors bring another level of safety and peace of mind. All the operator has to worry about is moving into a great spot and making a perfect cast.

Electric motors also offer effortless maintenance and are economical. They require almost no upkeep, they’re clean and won’t leave drips and oil stains in your garage, and they operate entirely on rechargeable 12V batteries. You won’t miss having to stop at the gas station to buy fuel, or the mess of mixing gas and oil!

Electric Propulsion Is the Future

Automobiles, trains, and even airplanes, are all quickly shifting to electric propulsion. Protecting the richness of our landscapes, fish and wildlife, and the purity of our air are a big part of that. But so too are the sustainability, ease of use, and the added longevity and economy of electric-powered craft.


For all of us who love being on the water, there is nothing more important than being able to enjoy it, and at the same time, know that we are doing something to protect it. The Twin Troller x10 was designed from the ground up, with that thought in mind. Learn more about the boat that will give you the ultimate fishing experience here.