BEST Topwater Bass Lures for Spring Bass Fishing
These are three of the BEST topwater lures for catching spring bass. You should be throwing these when topwater bass fishing this spring.
How to Catch Big Post Spawn Bass
Post Spawn Bass Fishing at its finest! Learn how to catch big post spawn bass in this video.
Spillway Fishing for Big Pre-Spawn Bass
We found a new pre-spawn bass fishing honey hole! This place is super cool, stay tuned til the very end...
Insane Once In A Lifetime Catch
We're back with Fletcher the Fisherman for some more clear water bass action. This time Steve broke out a big glide bait for the first time ever to try to draw big strikes. Watch to see a once in a lifetime moment!
Jerkbait Fishing for Big Pre-Spawn Bass
Another great video from our collab with Fletcher the Fisherman! This time we hit up ultra clear water for some early spring jerkbait bass fishing.
We Found The Pre-Spawn Motherlode! Slab Dynasty with Fletcher the Fisherman
Fletcher put us on some INSANE pre-spawn bass fishing action! We went down to SC to fish with Fletcher the Fisherman where he put us on some of his best honey holes.