Spillway Fishing for Big Pre-Spawn Bass

By: Slab Dynasty

We found a new pre spawn bass fishing honey hole! This place is super cool, stay tuned til the very end...

Sup Slabbers, we've got a GOOD one for y'all. Spring is moving along quickly here in NC. It's still technically early spring around us with water in the 50s, but these fat bass are staging and feeding up RIGHT NOW! In this vid, we got out to a NEW spot to target some BIG pre spawn bass, including a super cool 300 year old mill and spillway dam! Spillways are great places to target pre spawn fish as they are active feeding locations that always have bait and good current. Ever been spillway fishing?

Also in this vid, Stephen throws out a CRUCIAL tip for targeting pre spawn bass and shares some of the best pre spawn bass fishing lures that will help you guys catch MORE and BIGGER early spring bass. Fish are moving, get out there and stick your PB!

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