Insane Once In A Lifetime Catch

By: Slab Dynasty

What are the chances??!! Something absolutely UNREAL happened while fishing a glide bait fishing for bass...

SLABEROONIES! Strap in for another banger...this one's a doozie. We got back out with our buddy Fletcher The Fisherman for some more clear water bass action. This time, Steve broke out a big glide bait for the first time ever to try to draw big strikes. Glide bait bass fishing is easily one of the most addicting bass fishing techniques out there, especially in clear water where you can see the strikes from below. Something about that tantalizing back and forth glide just keeps you on your toes at all times! But what happened when Steve caught his first glide bait bass might NEVER happen again! WATCH TIL THE VERY END!

Steve's Glide Bait Setup:
  • Rod: Dobyns Fury 806 Swimbait Rod
  • Line: Gamma Edge 20lb Flouro
  • Glide Bait: River2Sea S-Waver 200 (Bone color)

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