How to Catch Big Post Spawn Bass

By: Slab Dynasty

Post Spawn Bass Fishing at its finest! Learn how to catch big post spawn bass in this video.

Sup Slaberoonies! Welp, ever since we first visited @Fletcher The Fisherman 's epic fishing paradise in South Carolina, we've been daydreaming about going we did lol. Actually, Fletcher was gracious enough to invite us back cause the fishing there is just on fire right now. This video is evidence of that.

With the water in the mid 70s and temps soaring to 90 degrees, fish were squarely in a post spawn mode, which meant many of the males were towards the later stages of guarding beds and the big post spawn females were cruising around looking for meals to regain weight they lost from the rigorous spawn. Some were cruising bluegill beds looking for a big meal. A lot of these fish were super skinny and clearly beat up from the spawn, but you can still find big post spawn fish if you focus on the right post spawn techniques and learn some of our post spawn tips.

Watch the whole video to see our best post spawn lures for big bass that we used so you can target BIG post spawn bass this spring and early summer!

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