Frog Fishing for Bass (Monster Blowups)

We are DEFINITELY coming back here to get one of these monster fish. Sup people! So we FINALLY got access to this sweet set of ponds that are known to have monster fish. One supposedly has monster crappie and the other has huge bass. While we didn't get any giants in the boat, we did have one blowup and brief hookup that Steve thinks was a true MONSTER! Watch til the end it see it!

Frog fishing for bass is awesome in the late spring when fish pull off beds and are cruising the shallows looking for easy meals in the post-spawn. Into the summer, many fish will stay shallow, and a frog will work all the way through the mid-fall until the water dips below 60. Steve's frog fishing setup is listed below.

What do y'all want to see next??? COMMENT BELOW! Frog fishing setup: -Bobby's Perfect Frog - Black -50 lb Sufix 832 braid -7' heavy power, fast action rod THANKS FOR WATCHING! NEW EPISODES EVERY SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY! Follow Slab Dynasty on Social: YouTube and Instagram

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